1. English is the most widely spoken language in the world
One out of five people can speak or at least understand English! In total, approximately 1.5 billion people speak English worldwide – and another billion are currently learning English. 94 of the world’s 196 countries have English as their official language in one form or another.

2. English will open up more opportunities for you
Many jobs require you to deal with customers, service providers, and colleagues from other countries. In those cases, being able to speak English gives you a critical advantage and can help you advance in your career. Being able to speak English also allows you to communicate effectively in numerous countries, and this opens up lots of possibilities for you in terms of the countries you could choose to seek work in one day – not to mention travel to as a tourist. What’s more, English is the official language of fields such as the airline, tourism and film industries.

3. English allows you to get more from popular culture
The world’s highest-grossing movies are made in Hollywood, and they are all made in English. How many American blockbuster movies or popular TV programs have you watched and had to keep up with the fast-paced subtitles? How many English pop songs have you enjoyed listening to, but didn’t understand the lyrics? There’s a solution…learn English!

4. English gives you wider access to knowledge

Did you know that 55% of the world’s webpages are written in English? The next most widely used language on the Internet is Russian with just 6% of pages, although Chinese is in second place in terms of blogs. Knowledge of English therefore allows you access to far more of the world’s intellectual resources.


5. It’s Fun!

By learning English, you will also learn about other cultures. Few experiences will make you grow as a person more than learning the values, habits and way of life in a culture that is different from your own. When you go abroad, English can allow you to have more intimate interactions with the locals and have truly life-changing experiences!


So never give up! Take it one day at a time and be in it for the world English opens up to your future!


David Swaine @ Air Aviation Academy/Taipei/Taiwan


愛爾航空培訓機構 創辦人/ 清大科管院EMBA 林佩莉

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